Time Chamber 2012

by Canibus & Oobe

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Poet Laureate Infinity


released March 3, 2008



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Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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Track Name: Within the Realm
I've seen a mushroom to the north, Canibus was born
Bubbles form I scream with extreme force
Lemme explain what my sonar saw
The power to control thoughts reaches from here to beyond
The snake will grow feet because their wings are burned off
I'm not concerned though, The wings of a dragon is only their first loss
The reptilian participated in battle every war
Only lower density life forms get inspired by God
Oh Lord, Tell me what to do...
I can't rest until I accomplish what I was sent to do
No telling if it'll bring out the best or the worst in you
My mind is prepared to take action just like you
The God's began to call me, I look at the troposphere
Everybody bow your heads and say this prayer
From this moment Love is united everywhere
Track Name: Time Chamber 2012
Time Chamber 2012 (2012)

Time Chamber (Time Chamber, Time Chamber)
2012 (2012, 2012, 2012)

Start Timing, Atomic Clock Keeps Every Molecule Spinning,
Zero-Gravity Driven,
The Power To Transform The Time & Space Within It.
I Call It A Time Capsule In The Year 2012...
The Timeline...Never Ends!
A Change Is Beginning,
Time Keeps On Slipping Inside Zero Vector Systems, Thermal External Vision.
Finishing My Archeogenetic Time Facility...
How Can It Be?... A Lone Star Circles Me...
It Tried To Flirt With Me, Then Suddenly...
A Time Chamber Tried To Imprison Me, I Got Away Nervously.
The Time Machine Still Allowing Me To Circle The M51 Galaxy.
In My Time of Need, The Laws Of Poetry In Action Is Practiced Quite Actively.
So, Next Time I See It, It's Gonna Have A Word With Me.
Do Not Evade The Question...
Please Explain To Your Viewers How There Are Space Weapons With A 1000 Bar Message!

Time Chamber (Time Chamber, Time Chamber)
2012 (2012, 2012)
Time Chamber (Time Chamber, Time Chamber)
2012 (2012, 2012)
This Is My, This Is My, This Is My Time Chamber,
Laugh Now, Die Later! (Die Later, Die Later)
Time Chamber (Time Chamber)
This Is My Time Chamber, Laugh Now, Die Later!

December 21, 2012 Is The Time,
Placed On The Mayan SunStone Inside The TimeLine.
Ahead Of My Lifetime,
Increase The Star Wattage With Longer Cycle Time, Then Suddenly...
Meteors Immediatly Fell From The Sky.
We Must Construct A Shelter Because We Have To Survive...
(Listen To The Rhymes) ... We Have To Survive!

2012 (2012, 2012)
This Is My Time Chamber 2012 (2012)
This Is My Time Chamber (Time Chamber)
Laugh Now, Die Later! (Die Later)

The Universe Is Motivated By The Stars That Shine,
Waves, Bars & Rhymes.
Lower Density Life Forms Get Lost In Time.
My Time Chamber Is Poetry By Design (But Why?)
To Redefine Rhymes Of An Applied Mind.
I Am Conflicted & Confused But Completely Compelled...
But, I Don't Need No Help!

Time Chamber (Time Chamber, Time Chamber)
2012 (2012, 2012)
Time Chamber (Time Chamber, Time Chamber)
2012 (2012, 2012)
This Is My, This Is My, This Is My Time Chamber,
Laugh Now, Die Later! (Die Later, Die Later)
Time Chamber (Time Chamber)
This Is My Time Chamber, Laugh Now, Die Later!
Track Name: Star Trip
(Chorus 2x)
I Travel To The Stars
By Looking Through The Bars
I Travel To The Stars
To Observe The Gods
I Travel To The Stars
I've Passed The Moon Of Mars
I Travel To The Stars

I'ma Take You For A Walk To A Beautiful Place
Outside The Body
I Promise You We'll Just Talk Bout These Musical Waves
You Will Follow Me On This Beautiful Day
To A Celestial Plane, I Made These Musical Waves
The Beautiful Moonrays
The Eve Before Doomsday
The Moonrays Shift Back & Forth Purple To Grey
Led Them To Space, Put Me In The List That You've Made.

Pulsating Lights & Dreams
Connect With Light Beings
I Sit Down & I Look At The Night Scene
Visualizing Peace & Quiet...Suddenly
I Lift Up In A Zero Gravity Environment
I'm Forced To Look Downward To See If Your Trying
I Provided The Lighting, My Soul Started Climbing
I'm Headed For My Chamber, They Told Me To Start Timing
Stars Started Shining, I Tell'em Start Vibing

Close Your Eyes, Spiritualize...
Without Trying You Can Travel By Mind
To Places As Far Away As Another Lifetime
But Life Continues Outside The Timeline (forever)
The Sublime Chakra Looks Like It's Opening
Where Will You Go With This?
We Need No Silver Disk, At The End Of It
You'll Be Flying Through The Galactic Shift
Just Trip With Me, Now...That's Some Shit

My X-Rays Blinding The Devil In Disguise
Not Only Can You See Into The Skies, See Past It
The Face On The Photograph Said We Should Meet Somewhere Clandestine
Do Not Loose Your Bearings Keep Checking Your Direction
The Precession Of The Earth Is Nearing, Preparing
The Story Of The Temptress, I Choose To Share It
Sophisticated Senses & Uncensored Resonance

I Circle For A Fly Over In A Dreamland
Inject My Thoughts Into The Centrifuge Mass
The Teleological Dynamic Will Enhance
Brain Waves Appears To Be Way More Advanced
Proceed To Inject My Thoughts Through Songs To Understand
Focus On 2 Standards When Assessing The Plan
Number 1 Is Cthulhu, Number 2 Never Ends...

(Chorus 2x)
I Travel To The Stars
By Looking Through The Bars
I Travel To The Stars
To Observe The Gods
I Travel To The Stars
I've Passed The Moon Of Mars
I Travel To The Stars
Track Name: The Spark of Life
All of us together we ain't got a gang...We got an army
And all you need is a spark right, just one spark
Something to wake us all up...

I bring the heavens down
Then build a wall around
Fire and ash fall out

I am power...
You can't control your power...
I won't let you do this to me again...

(verse 1)
Fuck it - I'm still ripping reptilians
I spit it a quadrillion kips in the quantum wilderness
With quarantined civilians, Water streams my vision
Military children from extraordinary women
Will rise again - The sun shines again
Inject the gas in the minds of a 1000 men
One mind expands - That's right my friends
There is another virus & there is no time to spend
Hip-Hop is food for the wisest men
So I serve cold plates & spit cryogen
I found paradise within myself - You look through a 1000 mirrors
And still can't recognize thyself
So i'ma have to show the powers that reside inside my head
I can't rest, I use my psychic wall like an energized amulet
Try to climb my psychic wall, You never ever ever ever ever ever reach the end of it

Fire in the minds of men
We here to elevate the minds again
You can die trying if you ain't wise within
Fire in the minds - Fire in the minds of men (2x)

(verse 2)
I bring the heavens down, because Canibus gets you high in hell
I was an inch from being dead but i'm still alive and well
Germaine came to my dreams & showed me worlds beyond the Van Allen Belt
He showed me what would happen after 2012
He showed me with Einstein himself
He showed me worlds way more advanced
He told me through songs to understand
He told me what Germaine is about
Showed me water in a drought (What it's all about)
He showed me what happens when we die
He showed me with advanced intelligence
He told me with 1000 bar messages
He showed me what I was sent to do
He told me to connect with you
He showed me what we could do together
He told me wake up wake up wake up wake up Wake the fuck up

Fire in the minds of men
We here to elevate the minds again
You can die trying if you ain't wise within
Fire in the minds - Fire in the minds of men
Track Name: The Spellcaster
Politics & Wizardry, Scientists from Germany
Characters with mercury, Human beings worship me
When I perform surgery even death presidents heard of me
The truth is hurting me, The genie be observing me
The spell is measured perfectly, The magic tried to flirt with me
I submit urgently spiritual emergency, The ritual will murder me
A miracle of the keymaker starts converting me, I sat there nervously
Turtles with lizardry, The earth is a mystery
I am He that utilizes the special ability
Holographic symmetry - Geographic committee
I recorded history, Life formed Infinity
Seven densities of heaven sended me
To help man mentally, Don't run just welcome me
Come spell with me, 2012 is near
More real than fear you must meet me here
My dreams filter in my left brain hemisphere
Gravity disappears in these next years
Nothing can hold me down to the magnetic ground
My poetic mouth creates energetic sounds
That reach the end of the galaxy and bounce back
To connect with you and to protect the truth
Chemical clouds try to prevent this pursuit
But on a clear day the masters inject the best in you
The thirst to rhyme at first hurts
Like a syringe with poisonous verses
Luciferian curses playing in my mind when I attack it purposefully
Certainly surely, You will bow before me
I eat the white rabbit with some mustard & some sandwiches
Then I fuck with Alice, She got knocked-up by accident
And delivered my child infront of her queer husband
Even i'm stunned when the planets align with the sun
Track Name: Gifts of Light & Love
I celebrate my birthday with the temptress
Mix the 4 elements with 4 beats in a temple
Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Are the ingredients
That will open the mind body & soul immediatly
My team was not obedient to me
Make it difficult indeed for the media to see
The skill of Germaine tells me where we have to be
I saw a spaceship flying around an asteroid field
Meteors fall from the sky, They landed in my mind
An angel looks in my eyes to see the reason I rhyme
Only to find out that my pupils were shaped
Like an infinite sign with a consistent shine
It looks like it's a gift wrapped inside Mr.Bis
And now it's opening 'Heart & Mind, Soul & Spirit'
For every verse I spit, I spit a million more
On the eve when the rippers blast through the fucking doors
Track Name: One Ness
December 21, 2012 Is The Code, It Was Placed In A Black Hole.
The Mayan Sun Stone Is A Part Of My Soul.
This Pyramid Was Buried In A Mass Grave, Covered In Bones...
Rip The Jacker, Placed On Their Tombstones.
I Just Have A Few Words For Everyone...
Canibus Is My Slave & It Will Behave As I Want.
Let It Be Said, Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done!
Canibus Is My Slave & It Will Behave As I Want...
It Will Behave As I Want!

Cthulhu Falls From The Sky,
The President Looks In My Eyes...
Controlling My Thoughts, Controlling My Mind.
A Word To The Wise...
Space Serpents Flying Around In The Skies!
They Are Signal Intelligence Emanating From Your Mind.
As We Walk Through The Archived Files Of All Styles,
The Sublime Chakra Goes On For 5 Miles.
The Matrix, It's Difficult To Describe...
Agent Smith Altered The Sequence Of Nucleotides.
The Illest Emcee Equals PI.

(Chorus 1)
December 21, 2012 Is The Code, It Was Placed On The Mayan Sun Stone To Puzzle Them
Yeah, I Bust The Rhymes But I Customize The Lines,
And by the looks of things I did it just in time,
Im Am Energy, I am he spiritually and mentally, the fools who trew away my jewels offended me.
close your eyes, ritualise, spit your rhymes, without trying you can shift your mind,
always remember the reptilian agenda

Several Million Years Into The Future...
Cocooning A World Without Your Computer.
You Get The Point I'm Assuming...
In A World Without The Primitive Future,
In A World Without Winning Or Loosing,
In A World Without Exclusive New Shit!
Can-I-Bus Is My Slave & He Will Behave As I Want,
Let It Be Said, Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done!
The Snake Will Grow The Wings Of A Dragon, Even I'm Stunned!
Bow Ya Heads, Can-I-Bus The Squid Faced God.
Observe The Man,
The Cosmonauts Have Enlighten Me Thru Songs To Understand,
The Unseen Hand, My Body Is The Galactic Plan,
I Rose, I Fell...
This Story Is A Part Of Loki & Pan (Loki & Pan)
Can-I-Bus AKA Rip The Jacker,
They Have Enlighten Me Thru Songs To Understand...
I Wanna Thank You For Your Unseen Hand,
I Wanna Thank You For Your Poetry Across The Land,
Thank You For Your Answers About The Galactic Plan!

(Chorus 2)
I thank Mother Gaia for bearing us green grass,
But it won't last we're killing her with greenhouse gas.
I cannot loose or win, i would only like to be remembered as the dark skinned lizard king
A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time and space within it,
The hours become minutes, the minutes become infinite lyrics, Poet Laureate spit from the spirit,
From the Sirius Star system, my thoughts graduated to the stars to infinity!

4 And A Half Foot Beings
Added A 3rd Strand In The DNA Helix
So Your Not Created By King Osiris.
The Rhyme Is Larger Than China's
The VanDenBergh Welcome Center
Is Where I House This Mix Sounds Like Chinese Fireworks°
I Look At Her Face...
I Was Transformed Into A Spirit With No Spiritual Shape.
The Greatest Rhyme Of All Time We Have In Our Data-Base!
A Giant Capsule In Space...
Me & My Girlfriend Figured Out Where The Signal Originate.
Inside The Devils Chamber To The Bottom Of The Volcano Crater,
Any And All Entry Points Have Information, Electro Cranial Stimulation.
The Period of Purification, This Is Just One Explanation...
Hip-Hop Is Another Explanation!
Track Name: Everything I Do
[Verse 1]
Everything I Do Is Necessary But Tell Me Who's The Beneficiary...
Everything I Do Is Well Within My Sphere Of Persuit,
Everything I Do Is For You, Coming From My Own Heart
Everything I Do Is Graduated To The Stars
Everything I Do Surface The Air Radar.
Everything I Do Is For You To See The Rhymes...
Everything I Do Come From One Mind! Yeah...
Everything I Do Is Difficult To Describe,
Everything I Do, I Did It Just In Time!
Everything I Do Is Inspired By The Fire...
Everything I Do Gives Me Energy When I'm Tired.
Everything I Do, You Just Gotta Trust It...
Everything I Do, Did It For The World To Discover.
Everything I Do Is Easier Said Than Done,
Everything I Do, I Do For Everyone!
Everything I Do, I Do With Extreme Force...
Everything I Do Reaches From Here To Beyond.
Everything I Do Is Measured In Such A Way You Will Remember,
Everything I Do, We Could Do Together!
Everything I Do, Enlightens The Brother...
Everything I Do Could Brighten The Dullest.
Everything I Do To Teach The Youth
I Wanna Know God's Thoughts Too,
There's No Telling What I Would Do.


[Verse 2]
Everything I Do In The Booth Is The Truth,
Everything I Do Is Proof I Rip Through!
Everything I Do In Innovative Mobility,
Everything I Do Is Created By Infinity.
Everything I Do At An Unrelenting Pace,
Everything I Do When I Look At Her Face.
Everything I Do When You Finally Get There...
Everything I Do Is United Everywhere!
Everything I Do Is Broken Into Storyboard Scenes,
Everything I Do Is More Than A Dream.
Everything I Do Spiritually & Mentally,
Everything I Do, Floating In The Galaxy!
Everything I Do Is Illuminated Wizardry,
Everything I Do Present A Probable Infinity!
Everything I Do, No Mather How It's Spun...
Everything I Do...Fuck It...I'm Done!


Track Name: Silent Scream
Sound Creates Everything Around Me
I Scream With The Passion That My Precious Mother Gave Me
Just Maybe, The Voice Is Playing The Guitar Singing Folk Songs For The Name G
And Just Maybe, One Day It Will Sing Hail Mary
Sound Pours Out of Reality, Reality Pours Out of Sounds
Manifest My Fantasy, The Voice Came From The Clouds
Satellite Movements With Alternative Routes
I Control Their Movements When I Make A Sound...Can You Hear It?
Sounds Bounce Back & Forth Like A Mirror
Changing The Colours In A Prism
Fishermen Poets Got Lost, Fishing For Dolphin Hearing
The Fish Hook Stuck In Ya Jaws & My Skull Is Appearing
The Period Of Purification Of My Corpse Is Nearing
I Shine My Light In Ya Brain Like An Ear Specialist
And I Rhyme All Day 'Til The Eve Perishes
Spend The Whole Night Out Tryna Reach The End of It
But Right Now I'm Bout To Show You A Piece of The Treasure By The Cliffs

I Attend The Phenomenal Beast On Behalf of My Friends
And Make Amends With Priest On The Back of An Elephant
The Seraphim Cannot Contend When I Receive Hallow Light From Them
The Ice Amulet, The Pen Energized This Talisman
We Got Human Hominids On Some Nikola Tesla Shit
Sitting Down Attending The Opera With Cyclotronic Resonance
And With Nexium, Avodart, Lipitor & The Temptress
She Turned Over The Evidence
Tales Of The Mystic Magic
Attending Black Magic On A Dirty Mattress
A Bad Girl With A Silver Magnet
Increased The Massive Knowledge By Using Cryptic Language
The Bitch Masturbates...In My Crystal Palace
Let It Fluctuate, Mix With Sexual Balance
Finger Trigger The Drum Kit & It Will Be A Difficult Challenge
It's A Miracle By Accident
The Eagle Eating River Fish
Feeding On The Verse I Spit
Bleeding By Poisonous Skin
Shouldn't Have Followed Me To The Cliffs

The Moonstone Was Discovered By A Blue Lagoon
Beneath A Scruffy Old Tree
Gather My Crew In The Room
'Take A Seat' Is What They Told Me
Activate The Storyboard Scenes
Creating Worlds I Love To See
The Roots of My Discovery Showing Me A Lot of Tragedy
Moses On A Radioactive Island, We Must Take Action
Because A Practiced Mind Is Worth So Much More Than Diamonds
Open Ya Eyeballs Before The Sky Falls
Very Few Seconds Left...Before Time Stops
The Bombing Will Commence...Against The Time Cops
I Leave The Agents Dead, Why Should I Design God?
With My Divine Force I Can Only Change The Future
Creating Sounds With My Computer
Attach The Gold Chord To Ya Legs And Jump Of The Cliffs
The Hubble Space Trumpet Sounds Artfully Brisk
Thank You For Your Time Mr. Bis
This Is The End of The Interview, Everyone Can Go Home
Any And All Entry Points Will Activate The Ohm
Track Name: We Are X-Men
I Recieve Coördinates Where To Drop Mortars,
My Internal Compass Points Me Northward.
I Was Told To Memorize What I Was Said...
Professor X Keep On Playing In My Head.
I Said, Could You Speak Up,
I Don't Understand A Word What You Say
I See Storm In Front Of Me
Creating Ultra Electro Hailstorms, Then Suddenly...
I Feel Fatima & Jean Grey Come To Me
They Say Here, Take This...
You Will Need A New Fix
That Will Activate The Spaceship.
Discuss It With Professor X, He'll Praise It!
Back At The Facility, Professor Of The Symphony,
The Myriad Of Metaphors Make Me A Mystical Mystery.
I Have The Key To Infinity,
Mystique Tried To Clone Me Physically,
She Wasn't Worthy Of My Cell Chemistry.
Jean Grey Gives Me Energy,
My Professor Said She Could Get Attracted To Me.
I Don't Blame Her,
She Understand It's Only Everything I Created.
Activate The Latent Powers & Her Opinion Started Changing
I Briefed The Committee, They Told Me To Stop Flirting,
The Beast Keep Observing Me,
Wolverine Keep Cursing Me...
In Front Of Me On Both Sides & In Back Of Me,
I Hear Them Talkin'bout Battling Me In The Whisper Gallery.
Storms Whirlpool Of Gravity Traps Me...
Inside The Coldness Of Hell...
I Better Have The Power Before The Year 2012.
The Professor Gave Me 3 Abilities Because I Listen Well...
The Power To Recieve A Miracle From A Wishing Well...
The Genie Gave Me 3 More Because I Wish You Well!
I Was Transformed Into A Spirit With No Shell...
I Use My Power More Then Anybody Else.
With A Power Like This I Don't Need No Help...
I Don't Need Anybody But Myself.
Few Of The Same Elk Have Known What I Felt...
The Power Is Inside You! 'One Should Know Thyself'
We Are Extraordinary Men,
With The 3rd Strand In The DNA Helix
Who's Ready To Expand?
Energy Advanced
Physically Enhanced
Mobility To Dance
Infinity The Plan!
Energy Advanced
Physically Enhanced
Mobility To Dance
Infinity The Plan!
We Are Extraordinary Men...Extraordinary Men...Extraordinary Men
We Have To Activate The Latent Powers That Reside Inside Us
250.000 Cycles Before Leaving Earth...BIBLE!
Track Name: The Phoenix Force
'Storm & I Are Heading To Boston
We Won't Be Gone Long...
The Professor Wants Us To Track Down A Mutant Who Attacked The President'

Jean Grey Is Gone Forever
She Tried To Control My Mind
The Bitch Is Lost In Time
And Her Corpse Is Mine
They Left Me Dehydrated By The Nile River Naked
Crying Like A Baby, But I Made It
Now I'm Back With A Force That Can't Be Measured
I'm Bout To Destroy The Reptilian Forever
And Nothing Gon'Get In My Way
You Heard What I Say?
These Snakes Gotta Pay
Break The Chain, Enough With Being Slaves

We Gotta Unite Everywhere
We Gotta Take Over The White House & Kill The President
We Gotta Kill Rothschild & His Bloodline Brethren
And We Cannot Fold Under The Political Pressure
Satellites Watch You
They Want Everyone Locked In Prison Camps With A Microchip In Ya Heads
They Plot To Wipe Us Off The Map
It's Time To Wake Up My Friends
It's Time To Pursue Revenge Against The Unseen Hand

I Dictate A Scribe That Causes The Dark Forces To Die By My Light
Normal Life Was Designed To Put You All On A Line
Jean Grey Was Crucified But I'm Still Alive
I'm Back With More Power & Now I'm Stepping Over The Lines
My Ever Expanding Mind Was Redefined
The Professor Got Me Reassigned
But Not Before I Start Capturing Dreams From Your Mind

I'm A Different Mind From The Same Body
I Still Circle In The Skies
Follow Me For 5 Miles
I Bring You Paradise
My Dreams Are Magnified
Your Dreams Are Classified
Too Much For The Eyes
When The Sun Will Rise
A New Day Was Designed
A New Brain Was Reside
I Reveal Infinite Rhymes
Circle My Flight Instructors In The Skies
I See The Cosmonauts Coming

If You Crack The Code (The Secret Code)
You Will Find A Way To Generate Doe
If You Crack The Code (The Secret Code)
I Promise You That You Will Find Mo'
(And The Secret) And The Secret Code Is Hiding In My Poems
And My Poems Were Found Where The Mayan SunStone Was
So Do The Math (Do The Math)
The Boston Visionary Cell, Designed My New Lab
My Equations Gon'Wipe Them Off The Map
Track Name: Heroes
Poet Laureate Infinity
Track Name: The Undergods Are Coming
September 29, 2009 Is the code
The skies crack, It sounds like The Undergods were coming
Everything starts rumbeling & thundering
Mix til the story is peacefull, Start puzzling
Hip-Hop is the blackened pot placed next to a kettle
With my thoughts bubbling, I had to do something
Lightning bolts striking knowledge back & forth
Intelligent superstorm, Damn that's faster than yours
Fake rappers start running, The Undergods are coming
Better be nervous or something, The Undergods are coming
If Hip-Hop was dead, The Undergods are coming to save it!
Look up in the sky, The Undergods are coming in a spaceship!
We take you for a walk outside the matrix
We bout to show you a quadrillion places
The Undergods are coming...
We bout to show you what crazy is!
Track Name: Spiritual Shapes
Four and a half foot beings with green eyes
Tried to trap me and extract my rhymes all the time
I perform a requiem, Extraordinary men
Extraterrestrial with advanced intelligence like Nikola Tesla shit
Surface the air radar, Tells me where they are, Are they far?
I patiently walk in a room, Are you in the mood for doom?
A change is beginning when I walk in a room
Every molecule spinning, Lyrics imitate art
Art imitates lyrics, Can you hear it?
Listen to the radar, The reptilian Gods
From the Sirius star system
Observation from the spacestation
Try to find out more information
I found fluoride in my water supply
At that time I felt a total apathy towards dying
What the fuck's flying? Atmospheric re-entry
A flying silver disc looked like lightning striking blind
The sublime chakra 1 to 9 through the spine
Induce the rhyme internal fire produces the timeline
Increase the star wattage with longer cycle time
Meteors immediatly fell from the sky
And by the looks of things...The cosmonauts were coming!