Avatars of the Infinite

by Beast 1333, Passionate MC & Presto

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Presto Verse:

These are real lyrics inspired by Hoagland
Exposin' hyper-dimensional field physics-loaded
With David Bohm gnosis 2 0 1 2 UFO theologian
Mind blowin’ Cydonian rhyme Omen double time flowin’
Ozone hubble floatin’ Beneath the rubble roamin’ On point
Like a running Roman
Ramming the spear through the rightside of the rib cage of Christ
Like an exploding bloody ocean
Study the Sun’s motion my 3rd eye opens
Diminish ya Lyrical fitness with my verbal cysticfibrosis
Journalism on drugs liver corroded from cirrhosis
Metaphysically focused you niggaz’ll neva be noticed
Behold the white lotus Luke Hezekiah Sky Walker
Magnum flowpus opium smoking’ Macedonian break dancing on stone linoleum
Split the ocean in half like Moses with massive pandemonium
The rapping Jordan Maxwell smackin' your pastors off the motherfuckin' podium


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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