We Are X​-​Men

from by Canibus & Oobe

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Poet Laureate Infinity


I Recieve Coördinates Where To Drop Mortars,
My Internal Compass Points Me Northward.
I Was Told To Memorize What I Was Said...
Professor X Keep On Playing In My Head.
I Said, Could You Speak Up,
I Don't Understand A Word What You Say
I See Storm In Front Of Me
Creating Ultra Electro Hailstorms, Then Suddenly...
I Feel Fatima & Jean Grey Come To Me
They Say Here, Take This...
You Will Need A New Fix
That Will Activate The Spaceship.
Discuss It With Professor X, He'll Praise It!
Back At The Facility, Professor Of The Symphony,
The Myriad Of Metaphors Make Me A Mystical Mystery.
I Have The Key To Infinity,
Mystique Tried To Clone Me Physically,
She Wasn't Worthy Of My Cell Chemistry.
Jean Grey Gives Me Energy,
My Professor Said She Could Get Attracted To Me.
I Don't Blame Her,
She Understand It's Only Everything I Created.
Activate The Latent Powers & Her Opinion Started Changing
I Briefed The Committee, They Told Me To Stop Flirting,
The Beast Keep Observing Me,
Wolverine Keep Cursing Me...
In Front Of Me On Both Sides & In Back Of Me,
I Hear Them Talkin'bout Battling Me In The Whisper Gallery.
Storms Whirlpool Of Gravity Traps Me...
Inside The Coldness Of Hell...
I Better Have The Power Before The Year 2012.
The Professor Gave Me 3 Abilities Because I Listen Well...
The Power To Recieve A Miracle From A Wishing Well...
The Genie Gave Me 3 More Because I Wish You Well!
I Was Transformed Into A Spirit With No Shell...
I Use My Power More Then Anybody Else.
With A Power Like This I Don't Need No Help...
I Don't Need Anybody But Myself.
Few Of The Same Elk Have Known What I Felt...
The Power Is Inside You! 'One Should Know Thyself'
We Are Extraordinary Men,
With The 3rd Strand In The DNA Helix
Who's Ready To Expand?
Energy Advanced
Physically Enhanced
Mobility To Dance
Infinity The Plan!
Energy Advanced
Physically Enhanced
Mobility To Dance
Infinity The Plan!
We Are Extraordinary Men...Extraordinary Men...Extraordinary Men
We Have To Activate The Latent Powers That Reside Inside Us
250.000 Cycles Before Leaving Earth...BIBLE!


from Time Chamber 2012, released March 3, 2008



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Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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