The Phoenix Force

from by Canibus & Oobe

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Poet Laureate Infinity


'Storm & I Are Heading To Boston
We Won't Be Gone Long...
The Professor Wants Us To Track Down A Mutant Who Attacked The President'

Jean Grey Is Gone Forever
She Tried To Control My Mind
The Bitch Is Lost In Time
And Her Corpse Is Mine
They Left Me Dehydrated By The Nile River Naked
Crying Like A Baby, But I Made It
Now I'm Back With A Force That Can't Be Measured
I'm Bout To Destroy The Reptilian Forever
And Nothing Gon'Get In My Way
You Heard What I Say?
These Snakes Gotta Pay
Break The Chain, Enough With Being Slaves

We Gotta Unite Everywhere
We Gotta Take Over The White House & Kill The President
We Gotta Kill Rothschild & His Bloodline Brethren
And We Cannot Fold Under The Political Pressure
Satellites Watch You
They Want Everyone Locked In Prison Camps With A Microchip In Ya Heads
They Plot To Wipe Us Off The Map
It's Time To Wake Up My Friends
It's Time To Pursue Revenge Against The Unseen Hand

I Dictate A Scribe That Causes The Dark Forces To Die By My Light
Normal Life Was Designed To Put You All On A Line
Jean Grey Was Crucified But I'm Still Alive
I'm Back With More Power & Now I'm Stepping Over The Lines
My Ever Expanding Mind Was Redefined
The Professor Got Me Reassigned
But Not Before I Start Capturing Dreams From Your Mind

I'm A Different Mind From The Same Body
I Still Circle In The Skies
Follow Me For 5 Miles
I Bring You Paradise
My Dreams Are Magnified
Your Dreams Are Classified
Too Much For The Eyes
When The Sun Will Rise
A New Day Was Designed
A New Brain Was Reside
I Reveal Infinite Rhymes
Circle My Flight Instructors In The Skies
I See The Cosmonauts Coming

If You Crack The Code (The Secret Code)
You Will Find A Way To Generate Doe
If You Crack The Code (The Secret Code)
I Promise You That You Will Find Mo'
(And The Secret) And The Secret Code Is Hiding In My Poems
And My Poems Were Found Where The Mayan SunStone Was
So Do The Math (Do The Math)
The Boston Visionary Cell, Designed My New Lab
My Equations Gon'Wipe Them Off The Map


from Time Chamber 2012, released March 3, 2008



all rights reserved


Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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