Spiritual Shapes

from by Canibus & Oobe

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Poet Laureate Infinity


Four and a half foot beings with green eyes
Tried to trap me and extract my rhymes all the time
I perform a requiem, Extraordinary men
Extraterrestrial with advanced intelligence like Nikola Tesla shit
Surface the air radar, Tells me where they are, Are they far?
I patiently walk in a room, Are you in the mood for doom?
A change is beginning when I walk in a room
Every molecule spinning, Lyrics imitate art
Art imitates lyrics, Can you hear it?
Listen to the radar, The reptilian Gods
From the Sirius star system
Observation from the spacestation
Try to find out more information
I found fluoride in my water supply
At that time I felt a total apathy towards dying
What the fuck's flying? Atmospheric re-entry
A flying silver disc looked like lightning striking blind
The sublime chakra 1 to 9 through the spine
Induce the rhyme internal fire produces the timeline
Increase the star wattage with longer cycle time
Meteors immediatly fell from the sky
And by the looks of things...The cosmonauts were coming!


from Time Chamber 2012, released March 3, 2008



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Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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