Silent Scream

from by Canibus & Oobe

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Poet Laureate Infinity


Sound Creates Everything Around Me
I Scream With The Passion That My Precious Mother Gave Me
Just Maybe, The Voice Is Playing The Guitar Singing Folk Songs For The Name G
And Just Maybe, One Day It Will Sing Hail Mary
Sound Pours Out of Reality, Reality Pours Out of Sounds
Manifest My Fantasy, The Voice Came From The Clouds
Satellite Movements With Alternative Routes
I Control Their Movements When I Make A Sound...Can You Hear It?
Sounds Bounce Back & Forth Like A Mirror
Changing The Colours In A Prism
Fishermen Poets Got Lost, Fishing For Dolphin Hearing
The Fish Hook Stuck In Ya Jaws & My Skull Is Appearing
The Period Of Purification Of My Corpse Is Nearing
I Shine My Light In Ya Brain Like An Ear Specialist
And I Rhyme All Day 'Til The Eve Perishes
Spend The Whole Night Out Tryna Reach The End of It
But Right Now I'm Bout To Show You A Piece of The Treasure By The Cliffs

I Attend The Phenomenal Beast On Behalf of My Friends
And Make Amends With Priest On The Back of An Elephant
The Seraphim Cannot Contend When I Receive Hallow Light From Them
The Ice Amulet, The Pen Energized This Talisman
We Got Human Hominids On Some Nikola Tesla Shit
Sitting Down Attending The Opera With Cyclotronic Resonance
And With Nexium, Avodart, Lipitor & The Temptress
She Turned Over The Evidence
Tales Of The Mystic Magic
Attending Black Magic On A Dirty Mattress
A Bad Girl With A Silver Magnet
Increased The Massive Knowledge By Using Cryptic Language
The Bitch Masturbates...In My Crystal Palace
Let It Fluctuate, Mix With Sexual Balance
Finger Trigger The Drum Kit & It Will Be A Difficult Challenge
It's A Miracle By Accident
The Eagle Eating River Fish
Feeding On The Verse I Spit
Bleeding By Poisonous Skin
Shouldn't Have Followed Me To The Cliffs

The Moonstone Was Discovered By A Blue Lagoon
Beneath A Scruffy Old Tree
Gather My Crew In The Room
'Take A Seat' Is What They Told Me
Activate The Storyboard Scenes
Creating Worlds I Love To See
The Roots of My Discovery Showing Me A Lot of Tragedy
Moses On A Radioactive Island, We Must Take Action
Because A Practiced Mind Is Worth So Much More Than Diamonds
Open Ya Eyeballs Before The Sky Falls
Very Few Seconds Left...Before Time Stops
The Bombing Will Commence...Against The Time Cops
I Leave The Agents Dead, Why Should I Design God?
With My Divine Force I Can Only Change The Future
Creating Sounds With My Computer
Attach The Gold Chord To Ya Legs And Jump Of The Cliffs
The Hubble Space Trumpet Sounds Artfully Brisk
Thank You For Your Time Mr. Bis
This Is The End of The Interview, Everyone Can Go Home
Any And All Entry Points Will Activate The Ohm


from Time Chamber 2012, released March 3, 2008



all rights reserved


Oobe Netherlands

Out of Body Experience

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